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Argan Precious Glycerine Toning Care Treatment


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Argan Precious Glyrcerine Toning Care Treatment


Argan precious glycerine of the Patricia Reynier range includes the fabulous virtues of the east and active plants. Argan extract, world-famous for its exceptional moisturizing and anti-age qualities combined with the glycerine’s highly restorative ones, will nourish and restore in-depth your epedermis and put a new softness, radiance and youth to it.

Moreover, its 100% natural efficient complex makes it possible to fight unattractive spots due to ageing, sunburn, insect bites, pregnancy and excess consumption of drugs. You will quickly notice that your skin seem perfect and purified, nourished and unified.


 Instructions for use: Once or twice a day, after having carefully cleaned your skin with Argan erasing soap and purifying lotion, apply Argan PATRICIA REYNIER Glycerine on face or body.

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